About Us


Who we are

In 2016 we opened Fabaceae African cuisine Inc. with the sole purpose of providing healthy authentic African dishes. High in our agenda is to provide excellent customer service, healthy nutritious food prepared with a variety of African spices and herbs. Fabaceae is defined as a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods, but, it has also been known as a ‘super tree’, and even as far as the ‘Tree of Life’.


What we provide

With that in mind, we pride ourselves in putting ‘life’ into every dish we prepared. Our menu includes; Jollof rice infused with red bell pepper and roma tomato. Egusi, bitterleaf, okra, vegetable, oha, banga soups, of which all are accompanied with a variety of fufu. Signature moin moin, stewed red beans, goat head, nkwobi and spicy smoked fish with special in- house made hot sauce. We also provide a vegan and vegetarian menu.


What we strive for

Fabaceae African Cuisine Inc. strives to give our customers the best dining experience, and we also cater for all events, weddings, co-operate events, birthdays, baby showers etc. We are also open to catering for events all over the United States.